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"Achieve Great Success Together "

About PT Melia Nature Indonesia

PT Melia Nature Indonesia is a company which distributes and markets food supplements produced by "Mother Nature Health Products Pty. Ltd.", a large Australian company located in Sydney , Australia , which specializes in producing high quality food supplements made of propolis, and "Herbal Science Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia .

Our products are distributed and marketed using multi-level marketing system.

Marketing Plan

In Indonesia , PT Melia Nature Indonesia is the first MLM company which the marketing plan system stands for the members, i.e.:

  • Daily bonus is paid without certain terms
  • Bonus calculation is simple
  • The biggest bonus payment
  • Personal website is updated every day and user-friendly access.

Our members are able to achieve great success in life, overcome their financial problems, and develop their networks based on the instant bonus payment system as well as overcome traumatic experiences towards multi-level marketing system among our society due to our excellent marketing plan system. PT. Melia Nature Indonesia applies Auto-maintain System in purchasing our products. In this case, a member does not need to spend any expense for purchasing our products if a member gets bonus.


PT. Melia Nature Indonesia realizes that a product is a basic capital for a member to succeed in a network marketing business.

PT. Melia Nature Indonesia has a product, Melia Propolis, which is able to assist in boosting the immune system, in preventing various diseases in this modern life and also in curing various diseases caused by virus, bacteria, and fungus.

Melia Biyang, one of our products, is known as an "anti-aging" product. It helps in enhancing the metabolism system, stamina, physical and mental health, and in retarding the aging process. The secret of "anti-aging" is in your hand.

Our quality products help our members to promote the products. All products of PT. Melia Nature Indonesia are produced in a high standard and GMP factory such as Melia Propolis produced in Mother Nature Health Products Pty. Ltd., Sydney , Australia and Melia Biyang produced in Herbal Science Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia .

The Indonesian Government has approved all products sold by Melia Nature by issuing a license "Surat Izin Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan Republic Indonesia" ( BPPOM RI ) to each product.

The benefits of our products are:

  1. The products are in great demands because the products are safe to be consumed for several times without side-effect and the product markets are unlimited without age and gender restrictions.
  2. The product price is reasonable and competitive compared with the price of the same products sold by other MLM companies or sold in free markets so that our society can purchase these products .
  3. Melia Nature products react effectively when the products are taken to cure any diseases caused by virus, bacteria as well as fungus, and to enhance the stamina.